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Our bees are local and home grown right here in Central Illinois. We started out with a small group of three hives and have grown from there. Our bees, as I like to refer to them, are our super mutts. They are a mixed gene pool from our breeder queens of Carniolan/Italian mix, VSH, Purdue Mite Bitterse, and Minnesota Hygienic. They overwinter very well and are good survivor stock. They are the heart and soul of our operation and supply us with great honey, multiply well and are bred to be as gentle as possible.


Overwinter Nucs - $220.00

This Year's Nucs - $185.00

We have deep and medium nucs. Our nucs are five frames of bees, brood, and honey. 


Honey Per Lb. - $6.00

Honey Bulk - $5.00

Our honey is pure raw honey. It is chemical free as we do not use any chemicals in our hives. Our honey has never been heated and has only been ran through a screen. In this manner, it retains all of its natural pollen and enzymes that are local and can be beneficial to your health. It may help with your pollen allergies and strengthen your immune system. What could be better than something sweet and is also good for you!

About Rudy's Apiary

Hello my name is Rudy. I started Rudy's Apiary's with my wife Rusty, the redhead. Together we started with three hives in our backyard at Clinton Lake. We loved it so much we expanded more and more. We have expanded our operation from our backyard to the surrounding area to include Mascoutin Campground and Weldon Springs State Park. 

As beekeeping enthusiasts, we believe in the conservation of bees and the importance of their role in maintaining the local wildlife and our food supply. Without honey bees and other pollinators, essential flowers and plants would not get proper pollination and would produce far less - some would not produce at all. This would make for far less food for wildlife and humans alike. 

We have partnered up with the Illinois Department of Conservation to introduce our bees into state parks and campgrounds to revitalize the once healthy honey bee population. Our bees are also beneficial to the local communities. Our bees make raw honey that has all of the local pollen and enzymes in it. Eating of local honey with local pollen in it may help to fight pollen allergies and build your immune system. 

Our mission is to create a healthy and beneficial business model that with our bees will help the local wildlife, communities, and mother nature.

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